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Lieutenant Commander Onofrio Solis

Name Onofrio Jehosaphat Solis PsyD

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 50
Date of Birth 5/5/2335
Place of Birth (city, planet) Barcelona

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 152 lbs
Hair Color Brown and balding
Eye Color Green
Physical Description OJ is lean. He also has one of those faces that can be tough to read at times, but also extremely expressive. He is starting to show his age with worry lines having settled in as wrinkles.


Children Son: Felipe, age 20
Daughter: Amelia, age 16
Daughter: Raleigh, age 10
Father Jorge (deceased)
Mother Samantha (deceased)
Brother(s) Jameson
Sister(s) Fidelia
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Most people find OJ to be quite pleasant. He tends to greet people with a smile, enjoys engaging in casual conversation, and can be rather outgoing. Behind that public-facing veneer lies a man who is always looking to get into other people’s heads and is driven by a deep desire to protect the safety of the Federation, to a point that can border on paranoia.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Observant
+Reads People Well
-Can be single-minded
Ambitions Secure and protect the Federation from external threats.
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History OJ Solis was born on Earth, in his father’s hometown of Barcelona. As a child, his family moved frequently as a result of his parents’ wanderlust and sociological pursuits; by the age of 12, he’d lived on 7 planets and 2 civilian ships. When he was 18, OJ entered Starfleet Academy. Like his parents, he enjoyed studying people, but he was more interested in understanding how they thought and felt, and how that impacted their actions. While at the Academy, a professor suggested that OJ might be able to put his observational skills and inquisitive nature to good use as a security investigator. Despite his reservations, he focused on a career in security. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the USS Mandela as a Security Officer. It didn’t take long for him to realize that it was not a good fit for him and he began looking for ways out, most of which involved attending more schooling to change trajectories. When he was accepted to the University of Betazed’s Doctor of Psychology program, he nearly fell off the chair he was sitting on.

After returning to the fleet, OJ held three different counseling positions in 7 years. None of his assignments were all that remarkable. In 2368, he was surprisingly assigned to be the Starfleet Attache at the Federation Embassy on Minos Korva. In that capacity, he advised the Federation diplomatic staff on Starfleet matters and provided assistance to the local government. His 2 years at the Embassy went well enough for him that OJ was then assigned as the Diplomatic Attache to the Office of the Commanding Officer - 3rd Fleet.

Returning to Earth in 2371, OJ would remain assigned to Starfleet Command until the end of the Dominion War. When the war ended, Solis was placed in charge of the mental health portion of Starfleet Medical’s Dominion War Veteran’s program to help heal the physical and psychological wounds caused by the conflict.

In 2377, after 2 years working with veterans, OJ retired from Starfleet, feeling that he could provide better service without the bureaucracy of Starfleet. He opened a private practice, continuing to work primarily with Starfleet veterans.

Following the Attack on Mars, OJ reactivated his commission and returned to active duty.

---===Classified Personnel Record===---
The following information has been authorized for release by the Director of Starfleet Intelligence for the sake of providing a more complete personnel file. Some information has been redacted in the interest of the security of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets. Unredacted access to this information may be made available upon request to those with appropriate security clearances, at the discretion of the Director of Starfleet Intelligence.

While attending Starfleet Academy, Cadet Onofrio Jehosaphat Solis was identified by ********** *********** ********, an Academy Professor, as a potential asset and began passive recruitment, including providing career guidance.

While serving on the USS Mandela, Ensign Solis was contacted by Lieutenant **************, in an effort to ascertain whether the Ensign was a good target for active recruitment. Lieutenant **************’s report indicated that Ensign Solis was not yet ready. Instead, Lieutenant ************** encouraged Ensign Solis to explore other avenues, specifically ones that would make the Ensign a better future recruit.

In 2361, Lieutenant JG Solis was approached by Commander *********** ********* and actively recruited to join Starfleet Intelligence as a deployed asset. Lieutenant Solis proceeded to his official assignment on the Counseling staff on Starbase 223 upon completion of his education at the University of Betazed. During his tenure on SB223, Lieutenant Solis provided information to Starfleet Intelligence that was obtained through multiple channels. Though Lieutenant Solis was unaware at the time, Starfleet Intelligence arranged for his transfer from SB223 to the USS T’Patna so they could have another forward-deployed asset operating near the Breen Confederacy. While on the T’Patna, Lieutenant JG Solis was a vital part of Operation: *********. In response to his performance in the operation, Solis was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the USS Bhutto. At this time, Lieutenant Solis was given analytical work in addition to his information gathering. He also engaged in additional covert operations.

After a successful three year tenure on the Bhutto, Lieutenant Solis was assigned to oversee Starfleet Intelligence assets in Sector 21527, which resulted in his reassignment to the Federation Embassy on Minos Korva for two years. A one year stint working to recruit new assets while on the staff of the 3rd Fleet Commanding Officer followed.

From 2371 till the end of the Dominion War, Lieutenant Solis carried out a variety of duties for Starfleet Intelligence. Detailed records unavailable.

Lieutenant Commander Solis requested a separation from Starfleet Intelligence shortly after the Dominion War ended. The request was granted by the Director of Starfleet Intelligence.

On April 6, 2385, Lieutenant Commander (ret.) Solis filed a request with Starfleet Intelligence to be reinstated. After informing the Office of Starfleet Personnel that Lieutenant Commander Solis was returning to active duty, the Director of Starfleet Intelligence approved the request. Solis was subsequently assigned to the USS Tucker as Chief Intelligence Officer. This is the first time Lieutenant Commander Solis will be public as a member of Starfleet Intelligence.
Service Record 2353 - 2357: Cadet, Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus)
2357 - 2358: Ensign, Security Officer, USS Mandela
2358 - 2361: Lieutenant JG, Graduate Student, University of Betazed
2361 - 2363: Lieutenant JG, Counselor, Starbase 223
2364 - 2365: Lieutenant JG, Counselor, USS T’Patna
2365 - 2368: Lieutenant, Counselor, USS Bhutto
2368 - 2370: Lieutenant, Starfleet Attache, Federation Embassy on Minos Korva
2370 - 2371: Lieutenant, Diplomatic Attache, Office of the Commanding Officer - 3rd Fleet
2371 - 2373: Lieutenant, Mission Specialist, Starfleet Command
2373 - 2375: Lieutenant Commander, Senior Mission Specialist, Starfleet Command
2375 - 2377: Lieutenant Commander, Senior Counselor and Associate Director, Starfleet Medical

2385 - Present: Lieutenant Commander, Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Tucker