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Lieutenant JG Valerie Novis

Name Valerie Grace Novis

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 28
Date of Birth November 4th, 2356
Place of Birth (city, planet) Brestil, Trill

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Valerie is a shorter redhead who wears her hair loose down her back, sometimes pulled up into a ponytail when she feels threatened. She has dark spots that are in a line across her forehead and down both sides and go all the way down. She has a scar on her neck from where she claims she was attacked as a teenager


Spouse None
Children Teressa Gerala (Biological child, given up for adoption)
Father Junai Herella
Mother Lorea Herella
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Valerie is a woman of two parts, being dedicated to her job in the Federation and completely loyal, willing to do just about anything to protect it. She doesn't know how far she's willing to go, but knows that if it costs her life, she's willing to give it. That brings up her other side, where she goes by the saying 'Live today, for tomorrow we may die, might as well have fun in the doing of it.' She lives life freely, willing to jump into bed with most anyone at a moment's notice, because hey, it's fun.

Previous Novis Hosts:
1st- Devlin- Astrophysicist, had a part in the development of the Trill warp project

2nd- Talia -Security Service hostage negotiator

3rd- Tremaine- pilot, carefree, ladies man, loved flying old air-breathing turbine engine aircraft

4th- (most recent) Kyra- decorated Intelligence Officer, stabbed on Cardassia but survived long enough to get back to the embassy, memories from this host have been somewhat corrupted due to the trauma, symbionts transferred to Valerie due to her being only ‘qualified’ potential host on-planet
Strengths & Weaknesses +Mental stability due to the Novis Symbiont (4 prior lives)
+Steep learning curve
+Hand to hand combat
+Knife Fighting
+Phasers & handguns (hand and rifle)
+Natural tactician
+Situational Awareness

-Not a strategist
-Bad long term decision making
-Rather narrow focus on Security
-Doesn't really care about her own life
Ambitions To jump into bed with as many people as possible. She has no long term ambitions
Hobbies & Interests Gunnery
Hand to hand combat practice
Bows & arrows
Swimming (In as little as possible)
Playing pool

Personal History Valerie Grace Herella was named after two of her mother's best friends when she was born on November 4th, 2356. Her mother, Lorea, was a Geologist and her father, Junai, was a well known doctor, but neither of them were around to raise her after a few months, almost as if they were bored with her, or at least too busy to deal with her. She was raised by a dedicated nanny for her first twelve years, her parents occasionally visiting, mostly to reprimand her for getting in trouble or for bad grades in school. Shortly after she turned twelve, her nanny was dismissed abruptly as Valerie was informed that she was now old enough to take care of herself in her parent's absences.

The apparently unloved child struck out, her parents visiting less and less, so she turned to the closest type of social interaction she could find, joining a gang in the heart of the city she lived in, returning home many nights to make sure she was there if her parents showed up. The gang became more of a family than her own parents. Valerie became pregnant at the age of fourteen, giving birth to a daughter naming her Teressa and holding her only twice before giving her up for adoption, fearing the reaction of her parents if they'd discovered the situation (they hadn't realized she was pregnant, merely telling her she needed to lose weight). During a scuffle with a rival gang, her best friend, the father of her child, was killed when she was sixteen. After attempting and failing to cut her own throat, she left the gang and decided to go back to school.

She focused on her studies, burying her past as deep as she could before applying for the Symbiosis Commission even as she completed her own education. They discovered that she was an excellent candidate for compatibility with Joining when she applied for Starfleet Academy and was accepted. She went into the Security/Tactical track in 2374, while the Dominion War was raging in full. When the Breen attacked San Francisco in late 2375, she was one of the many cadets who went out and dug through debris for days in search of survivors. The War ended, and as did the rush of pushing through Cadets as quickly as possible. Valerie graduated 7th in her class and was assigned to the Federation Embassy on Cardassia after her graduation, in part because she was compatible for Joining and every symbiont had a 'backup' in place given their scarcity. She got a call from her parents over six weeks after she tried to tell them she graduated, only to be ranted at for 'only' being 7th, not being THE best in her graduating class. That was the last time she talked to her parents.

During her time on Cardassia, Valerie not only guarded the building and and assisted in calming riots and other disturbances, she also stopped an attempted suicide bombing in a daring (and considered stupid) negotiation where she held a gun to his head as she talked him down. Additionally, she assisted Starfleet Intelligence in some more mundane tasks, like setting marker signals and picking up dead drops and the like. She spent two and a half years on Embassy duty before the Trill that she'd been the 'backup host' for was attacked while on their duties for Starfleet Intelligence, Kyra Novis, was stabbed and fatally wounded. In a rushed operation with a wounded symbiont, Valerie was joined with the Novis symbiont and transferred to Trill for recovery and acclimatizing to the new experience, trying to meld with four new lives.

In late 2381, she was reassigned to the USS Carnarvon, an Akira-class starship that patrolled inside Federation space. She served with as much distinction as could be on the ship, gaining a promotion quickly to Junior Grade Lieutenant in early 2382, rising in position to Assistant Chief of the Security section early in 2383. In February of 2385, Carnarvon was ordered to the Utopia Planetia Shipyards for a long overdue refit that was expected to take nearly five months to upgrade her systems and install a new computer core that would increase her capabilities by about thirty percent. Due to that, a significant portion of her crew was reassigned to other stations and ships, including Valerie. She was assigned to the USS Tucker, a Steamrunner-class ship, as her Assistant Chief of Security and Tactical, arriving in March of 2385.
Service Record 2374-2378: Starfleet Academy

2378-2381: Federation Embassy, Cardassia (Ensign)

2381-February 2385: USS Carnarvon (Ensign-Lt(jg))

March 2385- Present: USS Tucker (Lt(jg))