The Sim

The USS Tucker has both a public and a classified mission.

Publicly, the Tucker is an engineering support vessel. Honouring its namesake, Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker III (2121-2161), the vessel and her crew support construction, repair, and maintenance of starships, space stations, and colonies across Federation and neutral space. She answers distress calls and offers repair services where needed. Her engineering crew is among the best in the fleet. In the performance of such missions, she also provides other kinds of assistance including transporting supplies, assisting with disease outbreaks, or other problems a colony may face.

The Tucker’s classified mission is one of espionage and the proactive removal of threats. Predominantly based near the Cardassian border, she collects signals intelligence, deploys and retrieves secret agents, performs scans and even reconnaissance missions into enemy territory, and where necessary engages in military actions to end a threat before it can fully materialize.