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Catch of the Day?

Posted on Mon Jan 3rd, 2022 @ 7:03pm by Lieutenant JG Adelayd Olivier

Mission: Episode 1: By Any Means Necessary
Location: Sickbay

It was not the first time Dee had ever felt pain. Throughout his life, he'd been shot, burned, stabbed, and more. An injured limb, therefore, was a minor injury, at least in comparison. Dee, however, was unsure which had been damaged more, his body or his ego. Today was the first day of the drills he'd scheduled with the security team, and while Dee had taken an observer's role to the drill, he had been the one to get injured. He still was unsure how it had happened, and he had every plan to review the security tapes when it was all over.

What mattered now was that he got his self taken care of. Leaving the team to the care of his deputy, Dee made his way to sickbay, clutching his shoulder as he did so.

Adelayd was cleaning up from the last person to stop by sickbay when the doors swished open again. "Ah, hello Lieutenant... Sorry, I've read so many personnel files that I don't remember who is who..." she trailed off when she saw he was holding his shoulder. "What have we here? Up on a bed," she said indicating the nearby biobed. "How did the injury occur?"

"Daniel Ellis," he said, following her to the biobed. "Dee for short, and I'm the new Chief of Security. I was running a few training drills a couple decks down. I reached out to aid a falling crewmember, and my arm hasn't stopped hurting since."

"I see..." Adelayd said with a serious look on her face, but couldn't contain it. "Right, so introductions first, I am Doctor Adelayd Olivier. You may call me any variation of those, just please not 'Doc'." She ran her tricorder over his shoulder and nodded to herself. "So, you've torn the ligaments of your shoulder. I can repair this, but you'll have to go a bit easy for a few days just to allow the tendons to heal fully," she moved off to get the dermal regenerator and returned to Dee's side. "And a word of advice, Dee," she smiled warmly. "Never try to catch someone with one arm. And honestly, the best policy is to not try to catch someone that is falling. Guide them to the floor or protect their head, but let them fall, unless you're in a trust exercise and they're falling straight back into you."

Dee grunted. Of course he knew the doctor was correct, and normally he would have let the officer fall. He had no idea what instinct had driven him to help the officer. In the heat of the moment, it seemed he'd just reacted. "I suppose you're right, Doctor. But I can't afford to go easy the next few days. I've got orders from the Captain to get this ship, specifically the security team, ready for anything. No idea what's coming, but just to be ready."

The sound that came out of Adelayd was a mix between amusement and annoyance. "Fine. But don't whine when you come back needing treatment or pain medication again. I can't stand whining," she grinned at him cheekily. "In all seriousness though, try to be at least somewhat easy on your shoulder and try not to catch anyone again," she said as she repaired the damage to his arm. "I mean, you don't want to end up like me," she poked her mechanical arm, though it was barely apparent that it wasn't 'real'. "One fake arm from shoulder down."

He couldn't help but provide a laugh when she told him not to come back and whine. Whining was certainly not in his ability or habit, but it was just humorous in how she delivered that statement. "I will do my best to avoid injury," Dee remarked, knowing how hard that would be. He had plenty of scars and wounds throughout his body from his childhood, none of which were currently on display.

Dee did, however, look over to see the false arm. He could not see much of it, aside from the hand that was holding a tool. "If you don't mind me asking, how'd you lose it?"

"Shuttle crash when I was 13," she said with a shrug. "No medical attention for a few days and our ship wasn't exactly made for dealing with said injuries. So, lost the arm at the joint. Our ship's jack-of-all-trades built me a new arm with what he had on hand. It's not much of a story, aside from the fact that I grew up on a smuggling ship, which is the only interesting part." She put her tools down and nodded. "And if you want to question me on that, we'll need some drinks and more time than I can afford to give you now. But, you're all done and free to go."

After a bit more chit chat, Adelayd finally managed to shoo the CSTO out the door. With a sigh, she set about cleaning up the space used and getting everything back in ready-state.


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